Tetrad media effect

Blog assignment question,

Explain and gives your personal interpretation on Marshall McLuhan’s ‘the tetrad’ diagram



In my understanding of Tetrad from diagram above, Tetrad is analysis the result on society to technology by split it into four section and  show them together. Those four section have been separate in to each categories.


Enhances is mostly mean to improve something. But what I understand from this mean is how to improve the new media or increase to make possible or to accelerate?

For example, TV the television. Back to 19th century the TV has limited channel. Some people can’t unable bought TV because the price. But today TV has unlimited channel not only that the price of TV is moderate. We can see that TV has a lot improvement form before to after.


Retrieves mean to recover the thing have been lost or bring the past to present.

For example, Instagram  picture inspired from Polaroid camera. It has create early 1950 and become popular in 1970’s.

41522590_053_b-e1505562502268.jpg   konkrete-handlungsaufforderungen-funktionieren-auf-instagram-sehr-gut

As we can see above, the design from instant film was same the Instagram’s post. They recycle and old fad and bring to now successful.


Reverses mean move backward or doing the opposite thing. That word I understand just looking those picture Tetrad above. But when I searched the meaning in Marshall McLuhan word, I understand that when we use the media in limit they must have price or disadvantage to us.

For example, comic books. Reading the comic books is fun. But to waiting for update sometimes it take a month or two month maybe more. If our favorite comic book was not popular, they have to force to stop. Not only that some comic books have pornography if the users choose wrong.


Obsolesces or in short obsolete mean the product was no longer use.

For example, pen drive or hard disk. Before that was introduce, DVD or CD has same method like those which is keeping storage. But now people less use. Same goes to pen drive or hard disk. Pen drive and hard disk is popular right now but they prefer using online storage such as Google Drive, Drop Box, Evernote, and more.







Laws of media – The four effects: A McLuhan contribution to social epistemology, Gregory Sandstrom


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